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06 February, 2009

The Kris Norris Projekt - Icons Of The Illogical (2009)

Artist: The Kris Norris Projekt

Album: Icons Of The Illogical
Genre: Metalcore / Instrumental
Web: Myspace

Track listing:
1. The Law of Falling Bodies
2. Everything Expires
3. The Hegelian Principle
4. Lament, Requiem, Threnody
5. Ghostly Shell Removal
6. Wound of Amfortas
7. The Condition of Being Bored
8. A Shift In Normalcy
9. The Bowman's Friendship
10. Regression of the Ictus
11. Palindrome
12. Remaining Foolish
13. The Brotherhood of Melancholy
14. Servants of Sadness
Kris Norris' (ex-Darkest Hour guitarrist) solo project + Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God) doing guest vocals.

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