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31 May, 2009

Heaven Shall Burn - Iconoclast II (The Visual Resistance) (DVDRip - 2009)

Artist: Heaven Shall Burn
DVD: Iconoclast II (The Visual Resistance)
Year: 2009
Genre: Metalcore
Video: Xvid 496x288 29.97fps 1256Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 114Kbps
Length: 71:22 Min
Size: 742 Mb
Web: MySpace

1. Intro
2. Endzeit
3. Counterweight
4. Profane Believers
5. Behind A Wall Of Silence
6. Murderers Of All Murderers
7. Voice Of The Voiceless
8. The 7th Cross
9. No One Will Shed A Tear
10. The Weapon They Fear
11. Forlorn Skies
12. To Inherit The Guilt
13. If This Is A Man
14. Like A Thousand Suns
15. Of No Avail
16. Black Tears

Get all the parts of each vid, unrar first for automerge all and enjoy!
If you have problems to play it, surely you need a codec pack


  1. el 1 y el 8 estan dañados ya los baje 4 veces cada uno!!

  2. Ahora está arreglado, recomprimido y resubido.

  3. i want to download this dvd but i want to know the files are good or corrupt?

  4. The 8 links are online and ready to download

  5. part 5 & 7 can't download...
    this message appears 'NOTICE: No servers are currently available with the requested data on them. Please retry your request in a moment.'
    can you fix it?